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Retail FAQs

How does it work?

jisp uses a few different types of technology: close proximity bluetooth beacons, RFID stickers and special clothes tags. Basically, once you’ve filled out your profile, jisp will send you personalised offers in real time as you shop. The more you shop, the more jisp learns and the better it works. With stores using jispSTICKERS you can just touch a sticker with your phone (with jisp open) to save the item info (price, colour options, materials, demos etc.) to your timeline. In stores using jispTAGS, jisp will automatically detect that you’ve picked an item up and save it to your timeline, even if your phone is locked and in your pocket!

Does jisp stalk me?

Absolutely not! jisp simply uses the information you give us, plus your product capture info to improve your service. You can turn this off in settings if you like though, it just means offers won’t be personal to you.

How do I earn vouchers on jisp?

There's a few ways to earn vouchers on jisp. Checking the competition page every day is a good start - you're guaranteed to earn some money towards them every day! Make sure you've been referred (you can pick up a referral card from any jisp store and add it in your profile to get a little closer to that voucher). But real money can be earnt by referring friends. Get your code out everywhere! 25 people = £25.

What's jispHERE?

jispHERE allows you to upload or record video messages and pin them to a location on a map for people to find. These could be blogs, memories, reviews, messages, challenges... the list is endless! You can send them to friends, or make them public. Your friends can watch a preview when you send it, and will get a notification when they arrive at the location to watch it in full!

Where is jispHERE available?


How do I claim a voucher?

When you hit a £5 or £25 threshold you can claim a voucher by going to profile > account balance > redeem. Then you can choose your balance!

I’ve referred a friend. Where's my 50p?

If you’ve referred a friend, we need to verify they’re a real human. If the 50p hasn’t appeared in your account they may not have verified their email address. If they’ve done that you should be good to go!

What happens when I like a store on jisp?

When you like a store on jisp, you get notified of any sales, events and news lines first, wherever you are!

How much does it cost?

Good news, it's free! Anyone on the basic plan (which includes an account manager, ad creatives and close proximity beacons) can use jisp completely for free. To enquire about jispTAGS and jispSTICKERS, feel free to contact us!

I don't have time to produce ads for my store. Can you help?

Absolutely! If you wish to keep full control of the creative in your ads, you're more than welcome to do these yourselves. But we understand that managing a store doesn't often leave time, so we provide this service to stores on all service levels, including the basic plan. We have a dedicated team in-house, who use ismages and branding from your website as a basis for producing ads from the information you send us. Simple!

What's involved in the set up?

Set up is really easy, and unobtrusive. You'll receive a Getting Started Pack from your account manager, which includes some hints and tips for getting started, a box of referral cards to give to your customers and some POS materials to put out around your store. Your account manager will set up your bluetooth beacons (typically stores get two, sometimes more for larger stores). These are about the size of a button and just get stuck above the front door and behind the till with velcro sticky dots.

I've never done anything like this before and I'm not sure I'll have time.

We get this a lot, so don't worry. We understand it gets busy, so we endeavour to make this as efficient for you as possible. We have a in-house team dedicated to producing your content for the app, and you'll be given an account manager who will keep an eye on your account and help guide you. Typically, all you need to do is arrange a 20 minute phone call once a week to keep us in the loop, and we can take it from there.

How much ongoing support do I get from jisp?

Loads! We don't abandon you once you're all signed up. You can pretty much have as much or as little support from us as you like, but rest assured that you'll be assigned an account manager to guide you throughout. Normally they schedule a time and day every week to check in, so you can discuss how your jisp account is performing and how you could get more out of the service (this won't take long, promise!).

Why is it free?

jisp makes money from advertising revenue, so we can keep the basic service free for users and retailers.

How can I get the best out of jisp?

There are loads of things you can do to improve your store's performance on jisp. Making sure we have plenty of content (we've found stores with less than 6 ads live at any one time don't tend to perform as well), telling your customers about jisp and using the referral cards are all great places to start. For more hints and tips, why not check out our blog.

What kind of retailer is jisp available to?

jisp isn't just for clothes stores! We have a massive variety of clients, from restaurants to bars, book shops to health food stores and everything in between. Our account managers are trained to work with you to tailor the service jisp offers to your particular store.

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