Building a followers list

Building a Followers List edit.jpg

So jisp will work for you, for any shopper who walks by or into your store (if you have any content that's relevant to them – this is why you need plenty of content on jisp). But what about the people that don't come into town often? How do you entice them into your store? 

In short - get your customers to 'like' you on jisp! 

Users who 'like' a store on jisp will be notified about all of your cool new lines, sales, events etc. when they get uploaded to jisp, whether they're near your store or not. These people get the inside scoop, and the better your offers, and the more they resonate with the people who 'like' you, the more likely you are to entice them back into your store. 

Even if there's nothing that really tickles their fancy right there and then, it's a nice reminder that you're there,  and they should pay you a visit sometime soon. 

How you go about getting 'likes' is completely up to you! Chat to your customers in-store, maybe even do a competition or prize draw. If you're short of inspiration or just want to spitball, get in touch with your Client Relations Manager who will be able to help you come up with something great!