#4: Demolition Derby

Oscar Shirt.jpeg

I <3 The High Street is our retail diary. While we all like the convenience of shopping online, nothing quite compares to the experiences we can have in good, ol’ fashioned bricks and mortar stores. We say ol’ fashioned. It can be pretty cutting-edge. But, we digress. In this article, we’ll be hearing from Oscar. He has a story about a fellow shopper, on a quest to find the origin of his shirt at all costs. Go for it, Oscar!

"It was a rather hot May bank holiday Monday and instead of expiring in the sun with the rest of my family members, I decided to go shopping at one of my favourite retail outlets; Gunwharf Quays. During this experience I visited one of my favourite stores, Tommy Hilfiger, where I was in search of a nice jacket or perhaps even a t-shirt too.

I could distantly here a man’s voice calling “yo”, I didn’t immediately assume that it was me being addressed so I didn’t look around to see who it was at first, but the “yo” began to sound louder and nearer and seemed to be repeating an awful lot so I looked up from what I was doing and to my surprise, this curious “yo” was, indeed, for me.

I could see the guy who was trying to capture my attention was a guy working there so I felt answerable and I turned to him as he approached me from the back of the store, to the front where I was standing. On his journey towards me there were other store assistants putting out stock and they had rails of clothing all over the place. As a result of this, the guy approaching me tripped over, face first, on one of the wheels of a clothing rail. The longest 10 seconds of my life occurred whilst he recovered himself and got back up on his feet, I wasn’t sure whether to be shocked or laugh. I didn’t know what to do with myself really.

Nonetheless, he continued to make his way over to me and when he finally got to me he said “dude that’s a wavy shirt, where’d you get it?”. The shirt was from Zara. I couldn’t believe he’d gone through such a fiasco just to find out where my shirt was from.

And that is the story.