Five pillars of great customer service

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What makes a great shopping experience? We asked all employees at jisp to discuss their opinions and there was no question about it; customer service makes for a memorable and great shopping experience. With online retail posing such a large threat to the brick and mortar stores we all know and love, it is important, now more than ever, to provide nothing but exceptional service to customers. (You can read about how customer expectations can affect how they feel about your brand here.) We believe these are the 5 pillars to great customer service:


The usual ‘being polite and greeting customers with a smile’ applies here, but shouldn’t this be the norm? I think crossing the boundary of employee-customer norms is what makes for a memorable shopping experience. Take Wendy’s for example; ‘Wendy’s employee removes umbrella from table outside to walk elderly gentleman to his car in the rain’. This kind of heart-warming behaviour wasn’t taught in a company handbook but yet it’s actions like this that creates loyal customers.

Executional Excellence

A loyal employee makes a loyal customer. Specsavers landed fourth on the top 50 companies for customer service in 2017, with the top three being online services, this makes Specsavers number one brick and mortar store for customer service! They recognise when employees exceed expectations, one in particular was ‘Amelia’s Story’. Amelia spent her own time and money decorating a test room with loads of Frozen stuff to make a little autistic girl’s experience less frightening. Amelia was invited to attend the Partners Seminar with all senior employees; it is this kind of recognition that will encourage Amelia, and other employees, to go that extra mile to provide customer excellence.

Brand Experience

Your store is the perfect opportunity to invite customers to be a part of your brand. Dr. Martens opened a new Camden store in 2017 – equipped with their very own venue named ‘DM’s Boot Room’. Not only does the Camden store host gigs on a weekly basis, they also have scheduled artists, barbers and DJs visit the store to make the brand experience unforgettable. With such positive feedback given, it’s easy to understand why this store is becoming the central hub for the brand, its fans and Camden.


There’s nothing more valuable than time, so why waste your customers’? Nike revolutionised the shoppers’ experience by equipping each ‘Athlete’ (the desired Nike workers title) with an Apple handheld device. This innovative way of approaching the consumers purchasing process saw the Wembley store sales increase by 100%!

Problem Recovery

Problems are often inevitable in the retail and hospitality industries. Many negative factors can influence the customer purchasing process, but it is down to the employees to recognise when a customer has a genuine problem and resolve accordingly. This waiter understood how important simple actions like greeting the customer is, which resulted in a 2000% tip! Although this story was not about the money, the customers left the restaurant with such a positive experience they wrote a blinding review, despite the mishaps.

Shopping is more than consumerism. It’s a social activity which allows people the opportunity to spend time with family and friends that all share the same purpose. If e-commerce is about convenience, high street shopping is about emotion. jisp offers retailers and customers the chance to combine convenience with emotion to create that perfect shopping experience.