Getting started on jisp

Getting Started on Jisp.png

Right, so you’ve signed up to jisp, your account executive has set up your first campaigns and you’ve been introduced to your client relations manager. Time to sit back and watch the sales roll in, right?  

Well… sort of. There’s a little more to it than that. Not a lot, but a bit. We’ve put together this short guide with some of our best tips for getting a head start on jisp! 


  1. Tell all of your staff! If there’s one tip we could choose as our favourite, this is it. You guys on the shop floor are the lifeblood of the High Street, and you are the best way to get the word out about jisp and how it can benefit your customers! Think about how many customers come in your store every day. Jisp is your way to communicate with them once they’ve left the store, to personalise their experience, and most importantly get them back in your store spending money. If you make sure everyone on the shop floor knows a little about jisp, they can work it into their conversations with customers, and you can start building a following!  

  2. Make sure your POS is out on display. When you sign up, you’ll be given a welcome pack with tent cards, window stickers, referral cards and a few other bits, saying that you’re on jisp! The more visible these are to your customers, the more it peaks their interest. No brainer.  

  3. Give a little thought to content. The general rule of thumb is that the more content your page has on jisp, the better it performs, so a good place to start is making sure that you have plenty of cool content on at all times (your client relations manager will help you keep tabs on this, don’t worry!). But this doesn’t just have to be sales and discounts. You could promote new lines, events, demos, even competitions! Here’s where you can really let your imagination run wild. If you’re stuck for ideas don’t worry, the jisp team are always keen to help, so just drop us a line! 

  4. Makes friends with your Client Account Manager. Your Client Account Manager will be your day-to-day contact with jisp. Typically, you’ll organise a time and day each week that suits you to have a quick catch up on the phone. They’ll update you on how your offers are performing and make suggestions in areas you could improve, and you’ll tell them any new offers you have in-store, let them know how things have been your end, and just generally have a quick chinwag.  

  5. Give out referral cards! These are magic. Work a little jisp talk into your usual sales magic and make sure your customers leave with one of these little babies. Your store will be assigned a referral code, which will be printed on your cards. Whenever somebody downloads jisp and puts this code in, not only do they can a head start on their way to their first voucher, but their automatically ‘like’ your store. This means that whenever you put new stuff up, they’ll be notified! (Don’t worry if they already have jisp, they can still like your store without the code). Jisp hold’s a monthly competition and gives pretty awesome prizes to stores who the best referrers, so get involved! 

  6. Turn on ‘do not disturb’. Finally, last but not least, we suggest you do this. The way jisp works means it talks to customers when they walk into your store, but it’s programmed to talk to them again if they leave and come back again (but no sooner than 30 minutes apart). Bad news for you, because you’re in the store all day, is jisp is going to try to notify you every half hour (kind of annoying). What you need to do is navigate to your store’s page and hit the icon that looks like a bell to turn off notifications. Done!