The Lowdown on Pop-Ups

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Why pop-ups are awesome, and who's doing it right.

We all love being part of something unique and remarkable, something to brag about to pals down the pub or something to post on Instagram about how #cool we are. Pop-up stores are the perfect opportunity to experience the most exciting and interesting products and events. But, what is it about pop-ups that has encourage big brands like Topshop, Heinz and Budweiser to jump on the bandwagon?


There’s no two ways about it, when you’re walking down a street and see something out of the ordinary, you automatically gravitate towards it! A pop-up store is unique, you know it’s one of a kind which immediately demands your interest. Take Innis & Gunn for example, their goal was to ‘install some sunshine into the area’. During the ordinarily dull and dark month of November they installed an illuminated pop-up bar in the central of Edinburgh, handing out a free pint to anyone who wanted their day brightening! A simple idea that “acts as a ray of sunshine for the city”. Bravo Innis & Gunn.


Urgency has been a part of marketing and sales for donkey’s years. Retailers love making a song and dance about limited buying opportunities because it makes us act! Urgency and scarcity really do increase purchases for business, and this is extremely accurate for high street stores for and ‘holidays’ such as Black Friday, which saw almost $700 billion spent over the Black Friday weekend! The difference is, pop-up stores will genuinely end today and most likely won’t be back any time soon; the urgency is genuine, and the experience is authentic.


Yes, most pop-up stores would have had months of planning, but it is near impossible from the retailers’ perspective to predict their success, which means day-to-day decisions are based on live experience. With the location of brick-and-mortar stores being limited to shopping centres and high streets, pop-ups make the most out of their location. One brand that continues to create extremely engaging events is Nike, with one store being a giant SNKRS Air Max shoe box!


Pop-ups are a great way to delve deeper into a brands story. Brick-and-mortar stores are there to provide sales all year round, with common variations being holidays or public holidays - check out LEGOLAND® Windsor with their 39,960 brick Windsor Castle for the Royal Wedding! Pop-ups offer the retailers a chance to explore an aspect of their brand, to communicate the importance of their brand identity and allow the customer to interact with their product in a unique (and super fun!) way.

Just Down Right Cool

Pop-ups are innovative and responsive to real-life interactions which creates remarkable experiences. In other words, they’re cool. They make you want to tell your friends, to share your experience and let everyone know just how darn-right cool you have been that day.


The pop-up industry was worth roughly £2.3 billion back in 2015, so you can only imagine how much the industry is due to rake in for 2018! Putting aside the money, pop-up stores are a prime example why the high street will continue to play pivotal role in our everyday lives, and more importantly, our shopping habits! If you’ve visited an unforgettable pop-up event we’d love to hear about it! Get social on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.