jisp launches Tap & Go mobile phone technology for UK retailers


Published 11 May 2018 | Retail Business Review

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Retail software provider jisp has launched the jispSTICKERS and its ‘Tap & Go’ application for mobile devices for UK retailers.

The UK start-up that already works with brands such as JD Sports, Jack Wills and Hotel Chocolat, is releasing the ‘Tap & Go’ shopping solution for stores selling groceries, pharmaceuticals and gifts that is three to four times faster than the current scan services offered by supermarkets.

Tap & Go eliminates the need for scanners as shoppers use their mobile phones to tap a sticker on the shelf as they select a product. Using near-field communication (NFC), the sticker sends details of the product to their phone which appears on their phone screen.

When they have finished their shopping, the screen shows the complete basket. Once they have confirmed they wish to continue and purchase these items, Tap & Go then automatically takes payment from their chosen card.

The entire process is faster because shoppers are using a device that is extremely familiar to them so their actions are quick and intuitive. Importantly, there is also no need to queue at the checkout.

For the retailer, overheads are lower as there is no need to invest in hardware. In addition, the system provides greater intelligence on the choices made than a scan service, including the order in which products are selected and data on products rejected to enable follow-up enticements such as discounts.

There is also the opportunity for cross-selling either while shoppers are in the store or afterwards. Because offers and discounts can be communicated electronically, there is no need for paper vouchers, which customers often mislay or leave at home. Random checks, a flagging of high value items or those that need validation of age will help prevent shrinkage or illegal sales.

Jisp founder and CEO Julian Fisher said: “Tap & Go will make scan services seem slow, cumbersome and old fashioned. Since most customers will have their mobile phone with them this way of shopping will seem natural, reflecting how they shop, their lifestyle and choices and crucially to keep a digital record of their purchases.”

Although Tap & Go is mainly suitable for supermarkets and other FMCG retailers, Jisp Stickers can be used by any store to send information about products tapped or picked up by a customer’s mobile phone, so they can make a decision to buy now or at a later date.

Tap & Go is just one of a portfolio of applications offered by Jisp, a company on a mission to rejuvenate high streets and shopping centres.

It is doing this by providing retailers with the tailored customer insight previously only available to online businesses, while offering consumers customised and exclusive offers, discounts and information to help them support their favourite high street brands.

Source: Company Press Release

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