#2: The Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

I <3 The High Street is our retail diary. While we all like the convenience of shopping online, nothing quite compares to the experiences we can have in good, ol’ fashioned bricks and mortar stores. We say ol’ fashioned. It can be pretty cutting-edge. But, we digress. In this article, we’ll be hearing from Jinty, who’s encounter with a very helpful sales assistant saved her DIY attempts from disaster.

“I’d recently moved house. After living in a grade 2 listed building for nearly 20 years, I relished in the idea of having a new-build – a blank slate – to make my own. Job number one was re-tiling the master bathroom (the developers had made the unusual choice of brown tiles… strange). I searched online, but I just couldn’t find what I was after, so I ventured out to my local branch of a well-known home improvement store.

After some hunting, I found the perfect tiles. They were exactly as I’d envisioned; a nice slate, so I pulled the box off the shelf. To my dismay, there were no more behind it. I had worked out that I needed four boxes, so I was more than a little short.

Sensing my predicament, the sales assistant wondered over and asked if he could help me.

‘Yes actually!’ I said. ‘Do you have any more of these out back?’

He grimaced slightly and went to check the system.

He returned, and with an apologetic smile told me that they had actually been discontinued.


I can only guess that he picked up on my sense of loss; without missing a beat, his face lit up. ‘I can look out back and see if there’s anything that’s been missed!’ he said before scurrying off.  

I thumbed a brochure. The longer he was gone, the more convinced I became that the trip had been a failure, and the tiles would have to wait until next weekend.

Just as I closed the brochure to return it to its stand, my new friend returned, beaming. There were four unopened boxes out back! I thanked him, and told him that that was great, as I only needed four for what I was doing. He offered to take them out to the carpark while I paid.

When I met him in the carpark, I noticed that he’d brought all five boxes out. I began to explain his mistake when he interrupted and told me that, given that they were discontinued, he didn’t expect anybody would want to buy just one box, so I could take the extra box as spares, for free!