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Published 25 June 2018 | Hugh Williams

Achieving a consistent experience across online and offline commerce can provide an issue for retailers. In this piece, Julian Fisher (pictured below), CEO, jisp, tells RetailTechNews how the jisp platform is doing just this. 

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RetailTechNews: Can you explain how jisp works and what it offers retailers and customers?

Julian Fisher: Jisp provides proprietary solutions and patent-pending technology to bring the convenience, value, and focus of online shopping to brick-and-mortar stores with a free-to-download app. Jisp learns what interests consumers the more they shop and saves items they pick up, or try on in-store, to their phone automatically.

For retailers, jisp not only provides significant volumes of data on shopper behaviour and merchandising optimisation, but also enables a deep understanding of the needs of each individual shopper before they set foot inside the shop.

Jisp isn’t about increasing footfall, it’s about providing retailers with the ability to connect with their customers even after they have left the store, improving in-store conversions through personalised offers and a shopping experience that not only matches online shopping, but can beat it in speed and convenience.

Does this offering help drive in-store sales, as well as online purchases?

Curiously, yes to both. Our first objective is absolutely to drive in-store sales, but when a shopper has not been able to make the decision to buy (i.e in the store), jisp promotes the facility of a sale long after shoppers have left the store. As a consequence, a sale at home would be achieved ‘online’, but with an important difference.

 Julian Fisher, CEO jisp

Julian Fisher, CEO jisp

This sale is directed electronically back to the store where they can fulfil the order either via ‘click and collect’ or where available, ‘click-to-deliver’. Essentially, with jisp, a retailer can provide all the advantages of buying in-store with all the benefits of an online transaction.

Are retailers in the UK making the most of their ability to personalise shopping experiences?

Compared to online retail, the high street has a long way to go before it could ever be accused of over-personalising. Traditional retail is very much about one-to-one contact. Whereas technology has played a role in making personal contact unnecessary, and for some considered inefficient, jisp is using tech to give shoppers the convenience and information they expect, whilst supporting attentive customer service from staff.

Adapting to change is tough, no less so when your customers are armed to the teeth with devices and a world of information. jisp is using its own technical innovation to drive business to the stores and to help them connect with the ‘connected shopper’.

How is jisp attempting to bridge the gap between online and offline commerce?

jisp delivers ‘unified shopping’ – merging online and offline commerce. In effect, we have closed the gap completely. What this means for the customer is they can expect to receive the same level of information, prices, and experience whether they are shopping online or in a store. For the retailer, it will complement the high street’s advantages (instant access to products ‘try’, ‘feel’, ‘sample’, plus immediate expert assistance) together with the benefits usually associated with online: low prices and heaps of information.

What does the future hold for jisp?

We are releasing a new and significantly improved version of the jisp app in August, fondly referred to as jisp v2.0. By year-end, we’ll have some pretty spectacular features to help people manage all the apps they’d like to use but don’t, including wearables and the many other IoT devices such as your connected car! In terms of expansion, we’re already growing our operations into Europe, starting with Norway.

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Credit: RetailTechNews

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