What kind of content should I use for jisp?

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One of the questions we're often asked by store managers, is what should they use? We get that it can be daunting to start with - you may not think you have anything to say, or that it doesn't come up often enough. 

Really, the possibilities are endless, but the important thing to remember is that users are only sent the stuff that will resonate with them. If nothing's relevant, they won't be sent anything. This means you need to bear in mind that you need to have enough content so that as many people (with different interests) as possible see some of your content.

Here are some ideas: 

1. Offers - a pretty obvious one, but if anything's on offer, we (and your customers) want to know about it. 

2. New lines - another biggie; if you have a cool new product in, or a new line, or whatever, this is great content fodder for jisp! 

3. Events - got an in-store event coming up? Maybe you have a product demo, a giveaway, something like that. 

4. Products - hear us out. Some stores don't tend to have sales or events in the way we might typically expect. Some of our clients (art galleries, for example) only have a limited number of key products in stock at any one time. For these stores, where stock tends to turnover more slowly, often customers are especially keen to see every new product you get in. 

5. Exclusive, time sensitive or limited content - as you know, jisp is all about connecting with customers and potential customers, especially when they're in your area and specifically looking for products or services like yours. Adding a bit of urgency, or making your users feel like they might get something now that they wouldn't get elsewhere or at another time tends to be a winner in our experience. Make users feel a bit special and you can connect with them in a much more impactful way. 

So there you have it! In our experience, it does sometimes take a bit of experimentation and monitoring of your account performance to find that sweet spot for your products and customers, but your Client Relations Manager is here to help you with that. The best thing to do is start. Try stuff out and let your imagination run wild! You'll soon be able to see what works and what doesn't, which gives you a great basis for fine-tuning your way to even better sales!



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