Top 9 Distractions for the World Cup

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The World Cup isn't for everyone. Although the majority of jisp are avid England supporting, foam finger wearing  enthusiasts - we are all aware of the many hours the World Cup can claim over the next few months, especially for those uninterested in football. Program schedules are interrupted, pubs are busier and  family film time on a Thursday evening  changes to watching Robbie Williams perform 20-year-old songs with a Russian Opera singer. Whether you like, love, or loathe the World Cup, here are 9  distractions  available on the high street!


9. Game of Scones – Debenhams – £10.99

‘The struggle for the Iron Scone has begun..’ Is the anticipation for Game of Thrones becoming too much? This is the perfect filler to keep you away from the World Cup. All men must dine.

Game of Scones Debenhams Book


8. Love Island Clothing Range - Primark – Various £££

You either love or hate Love Island, there is no in between. It's that time of the year that the office is full of bizarre quotes that just don't make sense, the mention of names you wish you never knew, and a heated conversation between the nay-sayers and Love Island enthusiasts. If you are a true fan, the 2018 range is a perfect opportunity to show your love every day, not just at 9pm.

Primark Love Island Keyring


7. Disposable Camera – Argos - £4.99

Put down your smart phone and have a blast from the past to create some ever-lasting moments. When's the last time you looked at a picture without pinching to zoom?

Disposable Camera Argos


6. Burgon & Ball Flora & Fauna Gardening Gloves - John Lewis - £14.99

Swap the goalie gloves for some gardening gloves and get outside this summer! 

Gardening Gloves from John Lewis


5. Strawberry Pimm's – Tesco - £12.00

The World Cup is not the only sport to keep you entertained this summer! Grab yourself a fruity Pimm’s and keep up-to-date with Wimbledon starting on 2nd July, the perfect summer sport, with the perfect summer drink.


4. Camping Stove – Cotswold - £16.00

Planning a staycation? From coffee to cooking dinner for the family, don’t forget to pack this camping essential! But hey, what’s stopping you from sitting in the garden and melting some smores without having to leave your home comforts?

Camping Stove from Cotswold.jpg


3. Secret London, An Unusual Guide – Waterstones - £10.49

Revealing eccentric answers to questions such ‘where can you find monsters in Trafalgar Square?’ and ‘where can you praise God, buy meat-balls and have a sauna?’ Secret London, an unusual guide explores hidden treasures for those looking to wander off the beaten track.

Secret London Waterstones Book.jpg


2. ‘Get a Grip’ from Hasbro Gaming – Argos - £7.99

How important are your thumbs when it comes to drawing, sculpting or doing? Apparently, quite important. An awesome (and quite frustrating...) way to spend time with family and friends!

Get a Grip Boardgame Argos


1. Get Creative with Tiger – Flying Tiger  Copenhagen– Various £££

Have you ever visited a Tiger store? Located at over 100 UK locations, Flying Tiger Copenhagen is like Paperchase on steroids. But what do they sell, you ask? Everything. Well, everything you could ever not need. Taking a stroll through Flying Tiger is like being a kid in a candy store. With a huge range of gifts, games, bits & bobs; it’s everything that we love about the high street and will be sure to keep you entertained for hours.



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