jisp helps
get better

By offering bricks and mortar stores a level of insight that rivals their online counterparts.


understand your customers' buying habits, free.

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Did you know? 

95 out of 100  in-store 'customers' don't buy anything.

So, if you're set on increasing your footfall, you're probably not generating business in the most efficient way. With jisp's free promotional  platform, you can not only bring more people into your store, but you can make it easier and more compelling to buy too.


Free advertising to an audience of already-engaged shoppers

With free, tailored adverts, you can easily convert browsers into shoppers. With jispHERE, you can take this to the next level with location-based video marketing.

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Become a seamless part of your customers' shopping itinerary

jisp users can create custom shopping lists based on events and promotions in their local shopping centre or High Street. This means, with the right message from you, they'll  be set on coming into your store before they've even left the house.


It's free and basically effortless

Because jisp is totally free, there's no risk to getting involved. And when you do, you just need to let us know the what and when of your sales, promotions and events, and your dedicated Account Managers will sort all the ad artwork for you. 

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"Oh my god that's amazing! We've seen significant increase in sales of our high-end items."

Manager, Hotel Chocolat, Chelmsford

Upon hearing about the results of one of their campaigns.


Full list of features



Quick, easy, reliable payment, anywhere! jispPAY allows customers to pay for items in-store, or for click-and-collect, through their phone! Cut down on queues with no payment terminals needed. jispPAY is simple to set up, 100% paperless, fast, safe and most importantly allows you to get a sale even if your customer has left the store!


With jispTAGS, when a customer picks an item up, it's logged to their timeline on jisp using groundbreaking technology - along with useful information like size, price, description, product demo videos, colour and variants. If they don't buy at the time, they can always revisit the product in their timeline. If they change their mind it's incredibly easy to click-and-collect through jispPAY! You can also use the data you collect from jispTAGS to help optimise your merchandising and learn about how your customers behave in-store.


jispHERE allows you to post location-based video content to jisp, so users see it when they're most receptive to your message and most likely to convert - when they're nearby! Upload or record video messages, blogs, adverts, demos... the list is endless, for customers to see when they reach a location you choose!

Referral rewards

For every person your staff refer to jisp, they earn bit of money. This all goes in a pot and when they reach certain thresholds (£5, £25), they can cash these out in the form of a voucher or charitable donation. You can combine all referrals into one store account, or have one for each of your staff! Further to that, we also run monthly referral competitions. The best performing stores can win prizes every month to share between the staff!


Still not entirely sure?

We think jisp is pretty game-changing. And when you're changing the game, there can be a number of unknowns. If there's something you're not sure on, or if you'd like to generally learn more about us, take a look at our FAQs.

How much does it cost?

Good news, it's free! Anyone on the basic plan (which includes an account manager, ad creatives and close proximity beacons) can use jisp completely for free. To enquire about jispTAGS and jispSTICKERS, feel free to contact us!

I don't have time to produce ads for my store. Can you help?

Absolutely! If you wish to keep full control of the creative in your ads, you're more than welcome to do these yourselves. But we understand that managing a store doesn't often leave time, so we provide this service to stores on all service levels, including the basic plan. We have a dedicated team in-house, who use ismages and branding from your website as a basis for producing ads from the information you send us. Simple!

What's involved in the set up?

Set up is really easy, and unobtrusive. You'll receive a Getting Started Pack from your account manager, which includes some hints and tips for getting started, a box of referral cards to give to your customers and some POS materials to put out around your store. Your account manager will set up your bluetooth beacons (typically stores get two, sometimes more for larger stores). These are about the size of a button and just get stuck above the front door and behind the till with velcro sticky dots.