jisp helps retailers get better customers

By offering bricks and mortar stores a level of insight that rivals their online counterparts.


understand your customers' buying habits, free.


At RBTE  2018 jisp will be showcasing three unique and groundbreaking features ; jispTAP&GO, jispSTICKERS and jispTAGS within grocery, pharmaceutical, giftware, electrical, and fashion retail applications. 


Visit us on stand B118 on the 2/3rd of May 2018.

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95 out of 100  in-store 'customers' don't buy anything.

So, if you're set on increasing your footfall, you're probably not generating business in the most efficient way - customers in-store are the low-hanging fruit, but most bricks and mortar stores let them walk out with no means to connect with them and bring them back. With jisp's free promotional  platform, you can not only bring more people into your store, but you can make it easier and more compelling to buy too.

And if they leave? You have a means to get them back.


eCommerce-like insights, in your store.

Impressions, conversion rate, behaviour flow, demographics; all metrics you'd normally associate with eCommerce. Until now.  Using a blend of jisp's solutions tailored to your business, you can now track these metrics  in bricks-and-mortar stores! Track how many times items are picked up versus sales made; compare how many times items are viewed and purchased when they're  placed next to different items; see how your customers move around the store - the possibilities are endless. 

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Become a seamless part of your customers' shopping itinerary

jisp users can create custom shopping lists based on events and promotions in their local shopping centre or High Street. This means, with the right message from you, they'll  be set on coming into your store before they've even left the house.


It's free and basically effortless

Because jisp's basic plan is totally free, there's no risk to getting involved. And when you do, you just need to let us the what and when of your sales, promotions and events, and your dedicated account managers will sort all the ad artwork for you. 

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