we wanted to cut the crap out of high street shopping.

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Ever find yourself surrounded by sales you don’t care about, products you don’t want, or a lack of useful information when you need it? Yeah. Us too. 

Don’t get us wrong: we LOVE the High Street. You can get touchy-feely. You can try things on. You can interact with people. It’s an experience. But it’s not convenient. It’s not always trendy. It’s not always the best value for money.

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Right now, the High Street doesn't know consumers very well.


We’re used to a certain tailored online experience nowadays — and up until now, it’s not been possible to extend that into physical stores. In turn, that means retailers have been clutching at straws trying to figure out what we want. 

What if we could help each other? 

What if, with one single app, shoppers could help their favourite High Street retailers to get better, whilst getting deals, exclusives and discounts unique to them? For free. Download the app and cut the crap. Well, now we can. 


We’re jisp. And we’re not here to get you to buy into our app, as such. We’re only interested in the journey our app takes you on. jisp is kind of a middle-man. It lets retailers know what you’re into, so in turn, they can tailor their services to you. 

Once it’s on your phone, turn it on and you’re good to go.  It’ll remember what you’re into and what you’re not, it’ll find promos that you care about, and will give you advance warning of the best sales so you can beat the crowds. Everybody wants a better High Street, and with your help, jisp can make it a reality. 


Everyone wants a better High Street and you can help.

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By downloading jisp, you’re bringing all the convenience, value and focus of your online shopping experience to the High Street. You’re cutting out all the fat. You’re shopping smart. 

The quicker you start, the quicker jisp can figure out your shopping preferences — so don’t hang about, or you’ll be the first to miss out.