we're on a mission.

To ditch barcode scanners and self-checkouts.

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a solution that is 3x faster.

 A mission to ditch expensive barcode scanners and self-checkouts by providing a shopping experience  that is over three times faster than current scan services offered by supermarkets. 


Whilst delivering huge cost savings.


Using jisp and NFC technology, customers can view product details or an item to their cart simply by tapping their phones against a jispSTICKER conveniently located on the shelf next to the products. Then, when finished shopping, they can simply tap their phone against a check-out pod and go!  Payment  is automatically debited from a pre-loaded card. 

update product information remotely

Update product information in real-time

With its simple-to-use retailer dashboard, head offices can update product information and pricing remotely, and in real-time.

Every store can create local promotions, bundle goods to increase sales whilst also serving their shoppers exclusively. No longer tied to national campaigns or product barcodes tap&go offers versatility and dynamic pricing not possible through conventional scan solutions.  


Minimise shrinkage

jisp tap&go has a secure solution for customer check-in and check-out, including age verification, monitoring high value goods and random and/or product-specific checks to minimise shrinkage. 


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Substantial savings

jisp reduces the need for equipment and floorspace by eradicating conventional check-outs and pay desks. In turn stores can repurpose the space and staff to assist customers with their purchases.


Easily deployable

tap&go is easily deployed with fast integration into existing POS systems. 

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Not just for supermarkets

tap&go can work in any sized store, with any number of products...  it's not just designed for grocery stores. 


Sold? We thought you might be.


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