Free your staff from the pay-desk.



Let your customers  pay anywhere.

Do you ever wonder  how many customers skip out of making a purchase because of a queue to pay, or leave because there's nobody free to answer their questions? jispPAY allows them to pay for their items anywhere; in-store or out.

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Pay from anywhere

By interacting by one of jisp's Product Capture solutions, product information  automatically appears on the user's screen and is saved to their jisp timeline. With jispPAY, they can pay for the item right there on their phones, or they can go away and make the purchase at a later date for click and collect. 

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Payments go straight to you

All payments made through jispPAY go straight into your store's account, not a holding account, meaning there's no disruption to your end-of-day figures.

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jispPAY is completely paperless; issuing e-receipts that are stored on jisp for the user to access any time. 


Engage with customers

By removing the need for staff to stay behind the pay-desk, they become free to interact with customers on the shop floor for a friendlier, more personal experience. Maximise floorspace by removing the need for a pay-desk entirely, when used in conjunction with jisp's Product Capture solutions. 


Put your stamp on it

jisp will also be available as a modular, white-labeled solution for those who want to have a fully customised version of jisp with their own branding from October 2018. 


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