Love Rewards

You have complete control

There is absolutely zero cost to you or your customers



Only reward loyal customers.

Love Rewards is a collaborative shopping reward scheme developed to be deployed by BIDs and local authorities across high streets, shopping centres or even whole  cities  to reward loyal local shoppers. 


Rewarding loyalty

Unlike other local loyalty schemes, Love Rewards only rewards truly loyal customers. They must spend in your store in order to earn points, which means you only reward customers who make regular purchases in your store!


Complete control

You decide how much money needs to be spent in-store before a shopper is rewarded with a discount voucher (eg. £5). The jisp loyalty scheme "Love Staines" has been designed to ensure rewards are managed within your margins.



Incentivise shoppers to spend more and reward their loyalty by promoting products with bonus points. Turn browsers into buyers, quite literally at no cost to your store.



Unlock a better connection with each customer with the ability to see previous purchases.


Put your stamp on it

jisp will also be available as a modular, white-labeled solution for those who want to have a fully customised version of jisp with their own branding from October 2018. 


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