Product Capture

Offer customers instant information, product demos, videos and more, saved to their phone, without so much as the touch of a button.


Instant access to information for shoppers. 


Instant information

Allow customers to view and save product information, demos, videos, reviews and more by simply tapping their phone against a jispSTICKER. Stickers can be reprogrammed easily and remotely from our simple and intuitive dashboard - no need to replace them when products or product information change!


Analytics to rival online

Do away with the clunky footfall clickers and truly understand how your customers move around your store and interact with products in real-time. With jispSTICKERS you can see how products perform when placed near other products or in different areas of the store, understand customers' opinions of products they pick up, and see how they convert. 


Links to jispPAY

For a truly seamless, secure and fast shopping experience, jispSTICKERS link with jispPAY, allowing customers to pay for items anywhere . Getting your staff out from behind the paydesk and onto the shop floor, jispPAY is also entirely paperless.


Price match

We know that customers leave stores having seen items in the flesh to see if they can get the cheaper elsewhere. jisp's Product Capture  will come with optional 'Price Match'  functionality from October 2018, which allows you to intercept  customers before they leave. Customers will be able to compare the price of an item in your store against other retailers of your choice by simply tapping their phone against the sticker.  

Give your customers piece of mind that they're getting great value in your store.


Put your stamp on it


jisp will also be available as a modular, white-labeled solution for those who want to have a fully customised version of jisp with their own branding from October 2018. 


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