Connect with your customers at the moment that matters most; when they're in your store.


Engage your customers with personalised push notifications.


95 out of 100  in-store 'customers' don't buy anything.

Yet, just by being there they're expressing an interest. By communicating with them at the very moment they walk into your store, with push notifications personalised according to the interests, tastes and demographic of each individual you can turn browsers into buyers. 


Increase basket value

By alerting customers to products, offers or discounts that may interest them at the point where they are looking to make a purchase, jispPROXIMITY can increase basket value, or even encourage a purchase where the customer may have only been there to browse.  jispPROXIMITY also keeps the channel of communication open between you and the customer after they have left, allowing you to build long-lasting, loyal relationships and entice them back.


Become a seamless part of your customers' shopping itinerary

jisp users can create custom shopping lists based on events and promotions in their local shopping centre or high street. This means, with the right message from you, they'll  be set on coming into your store before they've even left the house.


It's free and basically effortless

Because jispPROXIMITY is totally free, there's no risk to getting involved. And when you do, you just need to let us know the what and when of your sales, promotions and events, and your dedicated Account Managers will sort all the ad artwork for you. 


Take it to the next level

Take proximity marketing to the next level with geo-located video marketing. Utilise larger proximities and engaging video content to target potential customers nearby with jispHERE. Post anything from influencer content to product demos, behind the scenes exclusives, reviews  and ads, which will appear in  users' feeds when they physically enter the area you choose. 


Put your stamp on it


jisp will also be available as a modular, white-labeled solution for those who want to have a fully customised version of jisp with their own branding from October 2018. 


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