jisp referral program

Find out how to earn real vouchers using jisp, and how to get there faster with Bonus Referrals.

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let’s make you some money

Once you’ve popped in your email address and created an account, simply use the referral code given to you to begin earning your first voucher.

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where do I start?



Earning £25 has never been so easy, simply tell your friends and family to use your unique referral code when registering with jisp and you’ll both receive 50p each! (Once their email has been confirmed.)



£25 may be the top redeemable voucher, but why stop there? The referral program is all about rewarding you and others for using jisp. Keep referring to keep earning!



jisp is free, and always will be. Not only does jisp save you money on your favourite High Street retailers, it also let’s you save real money to spend in them!



The more people you refer, the more money you earn. You can only refer each friend once, so your only worry will be getting those referrals in before your friend! But it doesn’t stop there, scroll down to see how our bonus referral scheme works…


you didn’t think we’d stop there, did you?

We reward loyalty, which is why the bonus scheme is a way to make even more money! In short, you can earn a pound for each friend you refer. Sound too good to be true? You can reap the benefits from bonus earnings after just five referrals, go ahead, give it a go.

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