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How does it work?

Exclusive promotions

Offer customers unique deals funded by leading brands.

Free registration

Access vouchers, equipment, assets and in-store materials instantly.

Weekly earnings

Join retailers in making £1,400+ in RSV every week


Receive free POS, for instore activation and social assets weekly

The benefits for retailers

Customer loyalty

Scan & Save gives customers a reason to visit stores regularly to redeem rewards, win prizes and receive deals on products from big brands.

Sales growth

Jisp’s unique technology will not only attract new customers, but also encourage repeat visits of existing shoppers, whilst increasing revenue and commission.

Improved operations

Retailers offering Scan & Save are supported by Jisp’s brand partners and provided with the means to run sustainable and compliant processes.

The benefits for brands

Increased sales

In-app and in-store advertisements encourage retailer product ordering and boost shopper sales.


Jisp drives actionable insights and provides an understanding of specifics within the convenience sector.


Our AR technology helps brands to focus on minimising carbon footprint and waste by reducing the need for in-store POS.

The benefits for customers

Exclusive deals

Customers can save on big brands at local stores by using Jisp to scan shelf tickets and redeem offers at the till.

Great prizes

Scan & Save provides shoppers with retailtainment, enabling them to engage in competitions and games to win fantastic rewards.

New technology

Communities can experience an exceptional, interactive shopping experience simply by using their smartphones at local stores.

Case study

Nisa Newport Village

Scan & Save has helped small business owners introduce a lively and innovative new element to in-store shopping. With Scan & Save retailers have seen a significant increase in sales and footfall, with repeat visits from customers redeeming deals on their favourite brands.

“Scan & Save has given me a bit of a spring in my step, I can see it’s going to help the independent market dramatically. I’d recommend it to anybody.” – Alan Carr, Owner of Newport Village Stores

A look into some of our  leading stores 

What are they saying?

“Jisp Scan & Save has been a huge success for our store. It has allowed us to offer promotion prices that are worth screaming about on social media. Prices that the big supermarkets can’t even touch. It brings in crowds of new customers, coming in daily to repeat the deals too good to miss on.”

Tarven Singh - Courthouse Green








Redemption value


Unique shoppers
Total RSV on Scan & Save products
Weekly average RSV

What are they saying?

“The introduction of Jisp has been amazing for us. The offers have been much stronger than our usual offers and even better than supermarkets. We have seen increased footfall and basket spend. It does however require a lot of work to get the customers on board, you cannot put it in store and leave it. It requires constant education of your customers for a few months on how it can benefit them. Once they are on board the customers love it and so will your sales!”

Harminder Gill - Quinton Park








Redemption value


Unique shoppers
Total RSV on Scan & Save products
Weekly average RSV

What are they saying?

“Implementing Jisp has been very straight forward and we’ve been provided with products lists and in-store POS to support the launch. The fantastic offers have proven very popular with our customers and we have seen the use of the app grow every week. We access the “dashboard” to track the savings and see which offers are the most popular.''

Paul Wilks - Buckingham Park








Redemption value


Unique shoppers
Total RSV on Scan & Save products
Weekly average RSV
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