the only shopping app you’ll need

It's an app that lets retailers know what you’re into, so in turn, they can tailor their services to you.

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and in return?

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jisp gives you exclusive promotions, discounts and sales

And not just any old gubbins. Stuff you genuinely want, stuff that's inline with your unique style, and stuff you wouldn't find so cheaply otherwise. It's free as well. Bonus.


jisp lets you remember what you’re into and what you’re not

You know wish lists? The ones you use online? jisp works a bit like that. When you show an interest in a product or promotion on jisp, retailers are able to use that information to help improve the way they do things. The more you use it, the more tailored jisp becomes.

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jisp rewards you every day (even when you don't shop)

We make our money through ad revenue. (Don't worry, you'll only see ads that we think you'll find relevant and interesting). To say thanks for being part of our audience, you'll get a little something just for logging in each day.


jisp’s story


Full list of features


Local offers, deals and events

Browse all your local stores' latest offers, deals and events and be the first to know when you 'like' a store.

Shopping plans

See offers you love? Add them to your shopping list and check them off as you go.

Store and sort products in Collections

Sort products and offers you see in collections, and add products or pages you like from your browser using the jisp Chrome extension.

Add friends and follow their Collections

Add your friends and share offers, videos, photographs and more!

Automatically log online products to your timeline

jisp can save all the products you viewed on your browser to your timeline, so you never lose them! (You do need to download the browser extension though).

Sale alerts for your favourite places

'Like' a place on jisp to get the inside scoop on new sales, lines and events.

Referral rewards

Refer friends to jisp and win vouchers! Simply give your referral code to a friend to enter when they sign up, and you get a little something towards a voucher. 25 referrals = £25!

jispPAY (in participating stores)

Don't stand in line - pay anywhere in-store with jispPAY, or better still, go and get yourself a coffee and pay from there. You can collect your items from the stores on your way out!

jispTAGS (in participating stores)

With jispTAGS, jisp saves all the items you pick up to your timeline even when your phone's in your pocket! (So you don't forget where you saw that top you like). You can use jispPAY to buy it later if you fancy.


Leave location based video messages for your friends! With jispHERE, you can record or upload videos and pin them on a map for your friends to find! Give them directions, review restaurants, record memories or leave challenges.

jisp Chrome extension

The jisp Chrome extension automatically saves products you view on your desktop browser to your jisp timeline on your phone (super handy for birthday/Christmas shopping!). Don't lose out because you forgot where you saw that great gift.


Still not entirely sure?

We think jisp is pretty game-changing. And when you're changing the game, there can be a number of unknowns. If there's something you're not sure on, or if you'd like to generally learn more about us, take a look at our FAQs.


How does it work?

jisp uses a few different types of technology: close proximity bluetooth beacons, RFID stickers and special clothes tags. Basically, once you’ve filled out your profile, jisp will send you personalised offers in real time as you shop. The more you shop, the more jisp learns and the better it works. With stores using jispstickers you can just touch a sticker with your phone (with jisp open) to save the item info (price, colour options, materials, demos etc.) to your timeline. In stores using tags, jisp will automatically detect that you’ve picked an item up and save it to your timeline, even if your phone is locked in your pocket.

Does jisp stalk me?

Absolutely not! jisp simply uses the information you give us, plus your product capture info to improve your service. You can turn this off in settings if you like though, it just means offers won’t be personal to you.

How do I claim a voucher?

When you hit a £5 or £25 threshold you can claim a voucher by going to profile > account balance > redeem. Then you can choose your balance!