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We offer contact-free payment solutions via a unique mobile app, used by restaurants, bars, hotels, sporting events and entertainment venues.

VippsGO Norway

Jisp has been selected as one of the top five companies to replace VippsGO, a Norwegian marketplace solution hosting more than 18,000 retailers and restaurants.

Vipps, the equivalent of PayPal and the biggest mobile payment provider in Norway, axed its GO services and encouraged its customers to switch to the selected technology companies.Jisp is very proud to be the only UK firm to receive a seal of approval from the Norwegian company.



Jisp launched its table pre-order and Click & Collect solutions to help a funky restaurant in Oslo minimise queues, create immersive experiences and offer secure mobile payments. Customers were able to scan Jisp’s interactive menus to see cooking videos, read ingredients, and make more informed decisions from the comfort of their seats.

With food ordered and paid for, as well as waiters tipped through the app, customers spent less time waiting and more time enjoying their food. Over nine weeks during the Covid pandemic, Opland accommodated more than 3,600 orders through Jisp.


JispGo” was launched in three Circle K Norwegian convenience stores with the aim to provide customers with an effortless way of pre-ordering and paying for products without queuing. Shoppers simply tapped their phone against a product’s sticker, grabbed the item and then tapped their phone to Jisp's Checkout Pod to pay.

Food pre-orders were also successfully made by customers in-store, from home or at work without having to queue. All pre-orders could be tracked in real-time on the app to keep customers well-informed of the current state of their meal. Since the launch, Jisp has been used to deliver more than 750 pre-orders and over 70 JispGo transactions to customers.


Jisp powered Beitosprinten 2019, a popular ski race in Norway, to bring a fully immersive and seamless event. Our solutions helped reduce queues and provide instant payment for visitors purchasing tickets and food. Our real-time quiz, ENGAGE, provided a fun, interactive element for visitors who competed to win an Apple Watch.

Jisp received more than 300 app downloads and accounted for more than 20% of sales figures, and with attendees using the app to purchase tickets and food, it meant less time queuing and more time enjoying the skiing and snowy views.


Store-specific loyalty schemes

Coming soon!
Customer incentives and voucher redemption rewards will increase the number of repeat shoppers. Get in touch for more information!

Rewarding daily customers

Jisp Credits rewards customers daily, simply for opening the app. This drives awareness to your store and its live offers.