Providing powerful omnichannel platforms for brands to reach new customers, connecting digital convenience with engaging in-store experiences

Brand Promotion Strategies with Jisp Media

An ‏‏‎ ‎all-in-one‏‏‎ ‎ solution helping you reach new customers

Jisp Media presents your brand with an omnichannel solution that facilitates direct communication with shoppers throughout the entire customer journey.

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Targeted Advertising Campaign
Customer insights

Understand the who, what, why and when of convenience shoppers to ensure you’re reaching the correct audience at the correct time.

Targeted Media Solutions for Retail Brands
Target marketing

Reach customers in a physical space with in-app advertising opportunities

Jisp Scan and Win
Scan & Save for brands

Support your customers expectation of a immersive retailer experience

Drive in-store sales

Align your business goals with brand new to market in-app advertising opportunities that convert in-store sales

A unified experience

Jisp connects online convenience with the offline experience to integrate product offering from awareness to action.
Boost Store Revenue with Jisp



Let us do the groundwork by reaching and engaging a social-savvy audience.

Jisp In- App Advertising


Drive awareness with in-app advertising throughout the Scan & Save experience.


Jisp AR Voucher Advertising


Inspire actions at the point-of- purchase through AR voucher advertising.


Customer Data Analytics


Understand the who, the why, the what and the when for your brand in convenience retail.


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Advertise in 750+ stores instantly with Reposs

Nationwide coverage

Coming soon!
Brands can have access to 750+ stores and 225,000+ shoppers a day, supported by insights to understand the who, why, what and when.

Improved communication

Independent retailer can engage more effectively with brands through in-store screen media, in-app advertising and social media.

Engaging experiences

Jisp’s Scan & Save AR solution will help build direct relationships with customers to deliver captivating brand-led experiences.
Retail AR Technology with Jisp

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