Make money with  Jisp Rewards! 

The convenience sector’s first store-specific loyalty program that gifts your customers with money off their shopping, simply for using Scan & Save.

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Your customers earn money, while saving money

Store-specific rewards

Drive customer loyalty with in-app vouchers unique to your store.

No extra work for you

Jisp Rewards is as seamless as your usual Scan & Save transactions.

£2.50 off any item

Vouchers are not limited to solely use on Scan & Save products.

Jisp covers the £2.50 voucher

We take care of the costs, so you don’t have to invest a penny!

Get rewarded 10p for every single voucher you redeem




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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do customers earn with Jisp Rewards?

Your customers will receive a 10p reward per each Scan & Save redemption. These rewards will build up within the app until they reach 25 redemptions and will then be gifted with a £2.50 voucher to spend on any products within your store.

What do my customers have to spend to earn rewards?

Customers will earn one reward per one Scan & Save product redemption. It doesn’t matter if your customer purchases a bottle of wine or a chocolate bar with Scan & Save, the reward will still be the same for any product, no matter the price.

Can customers use more than one £2.50 voucher at a time?

Yes. Customers can choose to either use one £2.50 per transaction or continue to build up more and more vouchers to use several Jisp Reward vouchers at once.

Is there an expiry date on Jisp Reward vouchers?

No! Your customers can choose to use their voucher whenever they please.