Jisp is a ‎‎‎ ‎big voice ‎ for small retailers 

Jisp makes shopping local more convenient through its modular solutions; Scan & Save, Home Delivery, Click & Collect and Scan & Go.

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Scan & Save

Revolutionising retail by offering exclusive AR discounts and increasing in-store revenue

Our free Scan & Save solution offers exclusive discounts on your products funded by leading brands across the store. With super easy-to-use technology, it's no wonder why 81% of Scan & Save users are repeat shoppers!

Exclusive promotions

Offer customers unique deals funded by leading brands

Free registration

Access vouchers, equipment, assets and in-store materials

Weekly earnings

Join retailers in making £1,400+ in RSV on a weekly basis

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Shop & Eat

We provide an ordering platform that helps you meet the demands of your customers and expand your reach. Explore our add-on services by reaching out to a member of the Jisp Support team when registering.

Home Delivery

Boost sales with an advanced driver management app

Click & Collect

Manage your time and allow ordering on-the-go

Scan & Go

Convert your physical store into a digital shopping experience

Social Media Hub

Social media assistance to build digital presence


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt-in for online ordering along with Scan & Save?

You can sign up to online ordering without the Scan & Save or vice versa. For any enquires regarding Home Delivery, Click & Collect or Scan & Go, please get in touch with client support team at clientsupport@jisp.com.

How do I activate Scan & Save?

If you have already registered for Scan & Save, then all you need to do is contact a member of our team. If you haven't registered, why not get in touch today?

How will I be paid for customer redemptions?

Retailers are paid weekly, and the payment is processed directly to the specified bank account. You can also discuss alternative payment options with a member of our team.