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April 16, 2024

5 Cool Things about Jisp Scan & Win!

If you’ve heard of Jisp then you’ve probably heard of Jisp Scan & Win too. Scan & Win was launched in early 2023 as an innovation with the intention of putting money back in the shopper’s wallets. As the name says, it’s simply about scanning and winning with no strings attached! What started as a local trial has now gone global and is about to partner with the 3rd international brand in the 4th country!

This article is dedicated to all potential brands or organisations who are exploring innovative and creative ways to offer a great shopping experience for your shoppers. With Jisp Scan & Win, it’s not just the shoppers who are winners but the brands who partner with us as well. If you still don’t understand the best part about Scan & Win, then this blog is about to list down the 5 cool things about Jisp Scan & Win!

1. You only need a mobile phone!

Yes, with half the world’s population owning a mobile phone, Jisp made sure to make use of that. If your shoppers have a mobile phone that can scan a barcode from the comfort of their own home or any location, then that is everything they need to take part in Scan & Win.

2. It’s for every brand and any brand!

The beauty of Scan & Win is that whether it’s an automobile brand or a cosmetic brand, anyone can use it. Additionally, you can partner with Jisp from anywhere in the world and target shoppers. Whatever your product is, if it has a barcode then it can be a part of Jisp Scan & Win.

3. Deployable in any country!

The other cool thing about Jisp Scan & Win is that we have used advanced barcode scanning technology allowing any product in the world with a barcode to partner with us. Moreover, we have the technology to enable it across single to multiple geographic boundaries, to suit the brand’s target audience.

4. Amazing stats!

If you think we stop there, then think again! With Scan & Win, Jisp can offer brands invaluable statistics about the shoppers who participated. User demographics, geographic split and purchasing statistics are just some of the plethora of analytics your brand will receive.

5. Only keeps growing!

If you are still not convinced, then have a look at our past partners. NAPA Canada, Bioderma Singapore and Bioderma Australia are just some of the successful international brands who had faith in Scan & Win and partnered with Jisp, and we are not stopping here! Stay tuned to our socials to find out more about the new partnerships. Watch out for Jisp Scan & Win, it’s a game changer.  If you’re interested to find out more about Scan & Win then write to us at

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