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November 7, 2023

A Day in the Life of a Client Support Manager at Jisp

In this blog, our Client Support Manager Matt Ireson, walks us through a typical day in his role at Jisp, sharing his advice and thoughts about everything we're working on.

Hey there! I'm Matt, and I'm the Client Support Manager here at Jisp. I joined the business in November 2021 after spending the previous 17 years working within the book industry, working my way from the customer services team to the Subscription Administration Manager. The experience gave me a lot to bring into my role at Jisp, which I make use of every day managing the Client Support team.

What aspects of your work do you find most enjoyable or fulfilling?

For me, there's nothing like the satisfaction of getting a task done, especially when it involves building meaningful connections with our independent retailers. Helping retailers develop their understanding of our offering and watching them reap the benefits is easily one of the most rewarding parts of what we do in the Client Support Team. It's these small victories for local businesses that make every day worthwhile.

How do you start your mornings? 

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A typical day starts with checking my calendar for what tasks have been booked in. From there, I'll go over with the team what our priorities are for the day and, if needed, provide further direction to any team members requiring support.  

We maintain a rolling three-week spreadsheet of all of our tasks, which is a great way for us to stay aligned on what we’re looking to achieve in the days to come.

How do you see your role contributing to the overall success of Jisp? 

At Jisp, we're all part of a bigger picture, with the Client Relations and Support Team (CRC) playing a crucial role in the company's success. As a driving force behind usage, interaction and general satisfaction with our Scan & Save platform among retailers, brands, and shoppers, we lay the groundwork for everything the business is working toward.  

Boiling that down, our mission is clear: to increase the number of stores and shoppers engaging with our platform. We do this through regular calls to stores, offering advice and guidance to retailers, developing innovative ideas, and building strong relationships. It's about creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved, and our team does that very well.  

In your opinion, what qualities or skills make someone effective in your position?

In my view, there are several qualities and skills that are essential for someone in my position to perform well. Leadership of the CRC team requires a level of professionalism and accountability when dealing with both internal and external stakeholders. It's all about leading by example and making consistent decisions. Keeping innovation at the front of our minds is another key element. This focus helps us develop new ideas and empowers my team to seek fresh ways to enhance their skills and develop their abilities.

A big part of my position as a Client Support Manager is constantly learning and enhancing my skill set. For example, I recently completed a Chartered Management Institute course, which provided fresh insights into various management techniques to implement within my team.  

When it comes to developing my abilities, I rely on an array of resources and choose the ones best suited to the task at hand, whether it's online research or making use of the experience of my colleagues and fellow managers.

What does the rest of your day look like?

In my role as the Client Support Manager at Jisp, the majority of my day is dedicated to leading and supporting our Client Support Team - currently comprising seven.  

That means overseeing the various aspects of our team’s operation, including onboarding new stores, nurturing and bolstering our relationships with existing stores and ensuring the seamless execution of tasks by the CRC team. Every challenge is viewed as an opportunity for improvement, and our values of efficiency, consistency, and professionalism guide every interaction.

In essence, my day revolves around creating a supportive and productive environment for our team while ensuring our partners receive the highest level of service, ensuring that every interaction with our team adds value to their experience with Jisp.

How do you nurture a collaborative and productive environment within your team?

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Creating a collaborative and productive environment is crucial. I always encourage team members to actively participate in group discussions, which builds confidence and fosters team development. I also challenge team members to bring me potential solutions to issues or questions they encounter, promoting critical thinking and a desire to learn.

What advice would you give someone looking to excel in a similar role or industry?

For those aspiring to excel in a similar role or industry, here's some advice: stay conscientious, be fair, and listen actively. Seek out valuable knowledge resources, whether they're online or senior members of your organization. Don't hesitate to ask questions, clarify your understanding by rephrasing, and maintain an open mind when considering new ideas. It’s important to focus on how to implement them rather than dwelling on potential roadblocks.

What does the end of your day normally look like?

At the end of each day, I always ensure that all our reporting tasks are completed to a high standard, and everything is up-to-date - It's vital for our team's progress. By checking in with my team, we assess our work against our planned tasks, helping us foster a productive and supportive atmosphere.

Friday afternoons typically consist of my line manager and I sitting down to review our entire week, examining the team's output. We analyze, strategize, and plan for the following week and beyond, ensuring we're always best prepared for what's to come.  

From your perspective, what sets Jisp apart as a company to work for?

What sets Jisp apart as a company to work for? If I had to pick one thing, it would be the agility we demonstrate in the way we operate. If and when an opportunity arises, we can swiftly develop a plan and seize it. Because our team is crystal clear on the company's overarching goals, we all actively take part in open communication about how individual targets contribute to the company's wider success.

What excites you most about the future of Jisp?

With everything we’ve got in the pipeline, the future at Jisp is gearing up to be pretty exciting. We're on a journey, and while we have a well-defined plan, our agility and flexibility mean we can pivot if the need arises. We all believe in what we're doing and why we're doing it, and that shared enthusiasm fuels our anticipation for the success that lies ahead.

So, that's all from me on what working as a Client Support Manager at Jisp looks like. It really is a dynamic role, offering plenty of challenges and rewards, with lots to look forward to in the years to come.  

To learn more about the fantastic work by Matt and the rest of the team at Jisp, visit out our site at:

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