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September 14, 2023

Brands seeing the true value of Jisp

Jisp, the award-winning retail technology company, has announced that retail sales through its Scan & Save mobile app solution has broken through the £2.5million mark since launch, with an additional £1.8million of revenue achieved in 2023 alone.

Jisp, the retail technology company, has seen a surge in supplier participation in 2023 with the number of brands signed up to its Scan & Save solution up 41% on the previous year, while retention of supplier partners stood at over 82%.

Companies including Hovis, Britvic, Suntory, Ferrero and Budweiser have been enjoying great success with Jisp and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by other suppliers who have recognised the many benefits of Scan & Save.


New brand partners to have joined the Jisp revolution include KP Snacks, Gallo Wines, Biotiful and Lactalis to name but a few.

Promotions through the app typically see between 2,000 and 4,000 redemptions from Scan & Save shoppers, while instore conversion rates from voucher download to redemption have reached 98% with each redemption equalling an acquired shopper, meaning brands have insight on who is buying their product, where and when.

The Jisp model is a big plus for suppliers with cost per acquisition (CPA) through Scan & Save sitting at a flat fee of just £0.25 plus the value of the discount. If the discount doesn’t get sold to consumers, they don’t pay, making it the only demonstrable CPA in physical retail. Alternative investment in POS for example has no way of identifying a shopper and attributing a sale to a CPA.

One business that recently enjoyed the benefits of working with Jisp was Mondelez International, which saw the opportunity in direct to shopper augmented reality marketing to enhance retailer and shopper engagement in its World Class Wins promotion.

Four Cadbury’s Dairy Milk variants were included in the promotion through Scan & Save which resulted in an uplift in case ordering, thousands of shoppers buying one or more of the promoted bars, and Jisp’s far-reaching advertising platforms generating almost 40,000 impressions and achieving an in-store conversion rate of 81% from voucher download to redemption.

In addition, due to the platform and CPA model Mondelez was able to harvest valuable shopper insights that it otherwise would not have captured for its investment, with a clear and measurable view of who its shoppers are, what they are buying and when.

“Discounting is a key weapon for CPG brands when launching a new to market product, but do brands know which consumers have engaged with their brand and who then go on to make additional purchases?” said Jisp managing director, Ilann Hepworth. “Thankfully, with Scan & Save they can do both, helping them to measure the value of discount and not just the cost!”

Jisp shoppers are sent targeted emails and in-app messages detailing the fantastic discounts on offer from brand partners, encouraging them to go and pick up a bargain. The offers are also promoted with a strong visual call-to-action within the Scan & Save mobile application and advertised across social channels.

“Jisp has grown from being a “test and learn” initiative for Lucozade Ribena Suntory in 2022 to a key strategic partner in 2023, as we seek continued growth through stores throughout the UK,” commented Jack Honeywell, National Account Manager for Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I.

“As well as helping us to grow sales to retailers and shoppers, and delivering invaluable insight about who our shoppers are, Jisp has created and delivered outstanding media campaigns that add huge value to the work we do. Suntory is delighted at the growth in Scan & Save since its launch and we are excited about the future opportunities that exist across our portfolio of brands.”

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