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May 24, 2024

Jisp announces deal direct from HELL!

Award winning retail and wholesale tech company Jisp has announced a new partnership with one of the fastest growing FMCG brands in the world, HELL Energy

The partnership brings a direct to store buying and distribution service to retailers, utilising Jisp’s existing app-based technology, in a move that will build closer working relationships with retailers for HELL.

Retailers can order Hell products through the Jisp app direct from the brand’s Walsall depot, with a delivery area initially covering the East and West Midlands, Derbyshire and west into the Bristol area.

The service will reward retailers with special pricing and loyalty rewards, with promotions fromHELL then extending into the shopper app to complete the engagement with the end consumer.

“Jisp is such a forward-thinking business, and when the opportunity provided itself to enable HELL to speak directly to a large retailer base, allowing for direct delivery from our Midlands depot, it is something we are really excited about getting started with,” said AndrewPheasant, head of field sales for Hell Energy. “We are very impressed with the Jisp platform and how it's versatility can allow us to reach out to retailers and consumers across a variety of options.”

Direct buying and distribution integration with an established targeted marketing platform such as Jisp’s, gives HELL the opportunity to promote deals through digitally delivered assets, driving additional sales. The link through to Jisp’s shopper facing app promotions means retailers can also expect to see increased sales on promoted lines.

The direct three-point connection also provides a true sight of investment from brand depot to retailer, to customer with valuable purchasing data and insights providing added value.

“Our partnership with HELL Energy is a groundbreaking development and demonstrates the different ways brands can connect the dots in the sales and distribution network,” said Ilann Hepworth, managing director of Jisp. “What we’re doing by bringing direct buying integration into the app is providing an additional, cost-efficient channel for brands to reach retailers and shoppers.”

This type of direct to retailer supply with extended customer engagement, incorporating discounts and loyalty rewards through an app-based loyalty platform is a first for the UK.

While direct buying through the Jisp app is intended to enhance rather than replace existing supply chain routes to market, it does present the opportunity to disrupt the market by giving brands greater control over how they sell and distribute to retailers.

“We hope that other brands see this channel as a great value add to their sales models and join HELLin enjoying the benefits of direct to store buying through Jisp,” added Ilann Hepworth.

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