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October 24, 2022

Jisp Celebrates £1M Sales Milestone

Jisp, the money-saving and rewards app, is celebrating its Scan & Save solution’s £1m milestone in retail sales value.

This follows a blockbuster 12 months, which saw the company become the market-leading app in the UK for helping shoppers save and earn at local convenience stores. Since its launch on September 13th 2021, Scan & Save growth has accelerated exponentially and is now operational in over 337 convenience stores nationwide.

Jisp has seen thousands of weekly shoppers make over 707,000 scans in-store, with 499,500 money-saving vouchers issued and 451,000 redemptions made. Not only that, but shopper shave saved over £466,330 from exclusive savings on leading brands and with Jisp Rewards incrementally have received £22,187 in loyalty vouchers.

Leading retailers offering Scan & Save have up to 1,200 shoppers using Jisp and achieving over £5,500 every week incrementally in RSV which is helping them drive footfall, spend, frequency and loyalty.

Brands have benefited significantly with Jisp, leading to 54,583 cases incrementally sold with a value of £755,678. This has supported store and shopper growth for brands, driving distribution, improved shelf availability and sales out through Jisp Media commerce solutions. Leading brands now benefit from Jisp MediaInsights, combining first-party and second-party data.  This helps them build winning strategies to achieve leading profitable and sustainable ROIs for the channel.

Celebrating the fantastic milestone, GregDeacon, Chief Customer Officer of Jisp said, ‘’We’re absolutely thrilled by the success of Jisp in helping retailers, wholesalers, shoppers, and brands. This is the end of boring and mediocre retail. Jisp has proven time and time again to get brands stocked and shopped, increasing loyalty and supporting brands’ ability to deliver more from their investments in the channel. Our leading action-based omni channel media is the now and the future to help brands win in the channel sustainably, securing both retailer and shopper loyalty''.

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