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January 19, 2024

Jisp invests in retail growth team with positive results

Jisp’s up-weighted retail growth team has had a significant impact on the success of its Scan & Save mobile app, building stronger relationships with retailers and helping them to increase shoppers and sales through the app by as much as 1000%.

Jisp’s up-weighted retail growth team has had a significant impact on the success of its Scan & Save mobile app, building stronger relationships with retailers and helping them to increase shoppers and sales through the app by as much as 1000%.

In 2023 Jisp made the strategic decision to invest in its retail growth team, adding numbers and experience to ensure each region of the UK had a dedicated resource to support retailers.

With new appointments now covering Northern Ireland, Scotland, Northeast and Northwest England, London, and the Southeast England the level of engagement with the app has grown significantly – up 79% for the whole of 2023 versus 2022.

Retailers are benefitting from these closer relationships as NP Retail Group’s Head of Retail Operations, Anthony Furnell can attest:

“We’d had Scan & Save in five of our stores and weren’t really seeing great uptake.However, since I took the role of Head of Retail Operations in July and began working in collaboration with Nicola Brown, Jisp’s retail growth manager for the Northwest region, and the rest of the Jisp team, we’ve been able to dedicate space, time in retraining staff and given real focus to Scan & Save.

“Working with Jisp, we can see the mutual benefits of offering great savings for our customers, great rewards, increased basket spend, sales, a unique point of difference, and a great way for our staff to engage with our customers and community. Shopper numbers through the app are now into the high hundreds and we’re already looking to launch Scan & Save in more stores.”

This point of view plays out in the numbers. In July 2023, prior to the recruitment of a retail growth manager in the Northwest region, NP Retail Group had just 46 shoppers using Scan & Save accounting for 637 scans a month across its five stores, but by the end of December it had already grown that number to almost 600 shoppers and 5167 scans with closer Jisp support. An increase of over 1000% in shoppers and 711% in terms of scans.

A survey conducted by Jisp of its shoppers showed that 68% had been introduced to the app by store staff. The greater access to Jisp’s retail growth managers has been a key factor in retailers and their staff getting customers more engaged and understanding the many benefits of Scan & Save.

In the first fortnight of January scans were up 40% and downloads through the app had grown by 64% compared to the same period of 2023. In terms of value, the savings enjoyed by shoppers in this same period had increased by 44% while the retail sales value to store owners had also grown by 43%.

Jisp’s retail director, Esther Lawrence commented: “We’ve seen a significant increase in the level of engagement with the app since we introduced our retail growth managers across the UK. With more face-to-face support for our retailers, we’ve been able to show them the benefits and equip them with the knowledge and confidence to talk to their customers about Scan & Save. That’s seen more customers signing up for the app and more cash in retailers' tills”

Daniel Watt joined Jisp as retail growth manager for Scotland and Northern Ireland in May 2023. Daniel brought a solid background in retail and technology sectors having previously worked with Snappy Shopper.

“Joining Jisp has been a great step for me supported by a wonderful team. Scan & Save has phenomenal potential for further growth and I’m seeing increasingly as I visit stores across my region that retailers are keen to make the most of the service,”said Daniel.

“Being able to offer guidance on how to use the app, how to better promote it and how to really drive the app with customers is extremely powerful in helping retailers maximise the benefits and build their customer-base through Scan & Save.”

Scan & Save offers both a loyalty and reward scheme for independent retailers. The money-off vouchers can be used in a specific local store whilst the shopper earns rewards. The scheme ensures shopper loyalty to local stores help communities thrive by keeping spend local.

Shoppers download the app from their mobile device and load vouchers into their wallet. Once in store, they simply present / scan the vouchers at the till point to redeem them saving pounds on their weekly shop.


Scan & Save is free to retailers, drives increased sales, basket size, spend, frequency and shares brand investment with the retailer, something no other platform offers. A small deposit is payable for stores needing the Jisp Mini device, but this is returned after 12 months trading with Jisp.

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