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May 3, 2024

Jisp launches new competition campaign to boost shoppers’ budgets

Jisp, the retail technology company, has announced the launch of a new in-app competition campaign that rewards loyal shoppers with up to £50.00 every week to boost their shopping budgets.

The new campaign introduces Jisp’s Scan & Win technology into its loyalty app, giving Scan & Save shoppers the chance to win from £1.00 up to £50.00 every week through a competition mechanic which runs every Friday.

Jisp works closely with its brand partners to secure sector leading discounts for its shoppers. Each competition runs alongside one of its brand partner’s promoted products and all shoppers need to do for the chance to win up to £50.00 is to scan that promoted product in a Jisp retailer’s store.

What’s more, the competition campaign doesn’t require a purchase. Only a scan of the promoted products barcode using Jisp’s Scan & Win scanner in needed with no attempt to influence shoppers by requiring specific products to be added to a basket and no need to reach spending milestones to unlock the rewards.

The benefits are threefold; for shoppers it’s the chance to boost their shopping budget by between £1 and £50 every week, for retailers there is increased footfall from shoppers visiting their stores to scan the promoted product, and for the brands involved there is added exposure and engagement with their products.

The competition campaign is now a permanent feature of the app with no limited time period. Each competition is promoted through the app, via targeted email and on Jisp’s social media channels to reach the highest number of its users, with no one excluded from taking part.

“The launch of Scan & Win competitions into our Scan & Save app was a logical step for us, joining together two proven and successful Jisp products,” said Ilann Hepworth, managing director at Jisp.

“We wanted a genuine way to reward shoppers and add value to their weekly budgets with a campaign that didn’t require them spending anymore. There’s no requirement for the shopper to purchase, only scan. What that shopper does or doesn’t choose to purchase after that action is entirely their decision, there is no pressure.”

While the competition campaign doesn’t require a purchase it does create a compelling reason for shoppers to visit their local convenience store to engage with a promoted product, increasing the opportunity of purchase and incremental spend for the retailer and brand.

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