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January 19, 2022

Jisp Launches Industry-first Scan & Save Augmented Reality Vouchers in Nisa

Jisp, an award-winning retail technology company, has launched a ground-breaking Augmented Reality (AR) vouchering system, Scan & Save, for brands, independent retailers and their customers.

The solution will initially be launched in 12 Nisa stores across the UK and will allow customers to exclusively save up to 60% on more than 65 products across the store from leading brands such as Mondelez, PepsiCo, Kelloggs, Molson Coors and Nomad Foods.

Combining Scandit’s, the leader in mobile computer vision, AR technology with Jisp’s consumer app, Scan & Save reads product barcodes and presents exclusive promotions, which customers can then save and redeem with their mobile phones. The solution will help brands focus on minimising carbon footprint and waste through reduced need for in-store POS, optimising budgets, improving commerce/communications and growing sales in store. Retailers will also be remunerated for each scan and redemption of the voucher, creating an opportunity for brands to incentivise store owners and build loyalty.

Scan & Save will support brands and retailers’ marketing efforts once the HFSS (high in fat, sugar and salt) legislation comes into force in October 2022. As the AR vouchers will only appear to those customers that are actively looking to purchase a product in the HFSS category, Jisp ensures compliance with the regulation and allows brands and retailers to hyper-personalise their offers by fascia, location and customer.

Julian Fisher, the CEO of Jisp, said: “This is truly disrupting technology that will revolutionise the way brands advertise their products in physical stores whilst maximising sales for retailers. With a crowd of marketing and promotional materials taking up space, messaging can be diluted or, at worse, confuse customers. With Scan & Save by Jisp, chosen promotions are delivered directly to consumers’ mobile phones.

“This technology feeds into our suite of solutions such as Home Delivery, Click & Collect and Scan & Go, benefitting brands, retailers and consumers whilst at the same time providing fresh opportunities for advertising post-HFSS legislation. We are exceptionally proud to be the first UK company to provide this service to brands and retailers of any size and shape.”

James Taylor, Head of Central Operations at Nisa, said: "We are thrilled to be partnering with Jisp to trial this innovative solution through Nisa partners and look forward to seeing how Scan & Save performs and importantly, the response it gets from independent retailers and their customers.

"This inititive from Jisp is another example of how forward-thinking they are as a business and we're delighted to be able to work with them on such an exciting project."

Delivering branded promotions at the point-of-sale, Scan & Save will further allow brands and retailers to deliver personalised campaigns where one shopper will receive an entirely different offer based on their profile and shopping habits in the Jisp app.

Samuel Mueller, CEO at Scandit, said: “Augmented reality is enabling retailers to innovate and evolve their physical stores from being just a traditional point-of-sale to a more engaging experience by displaying dynamic up-to-date information to the customers, thus improving their shopping experience. We are delighted to see the use of our AR technology in Jisp’s industry-first Scan & Save launch, which brings innovation to independent retailers and their customers, while increasing the opportunity for brands to customise their offerings."

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