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May 6, 2022

JISP Media partners with Reposs to deliver in-store media to over 2,000 stores nationwide

Jisp Media has joined forces with Reposs in a partnership that will provide one of the biggest media and insights propositions for independent convenience retail in the UK.

Through this partnership, Jisp and Reposs will be offering thousands of retailers the integrated opportunity to use Jisp’s ‘Scan & Save’ solution, helping them drive footfall, sales and increase loyalty locally at no additional costs to them.  

Jisp Media will bring together a suite of products across online, in-app, in-store media and customer insights, to enhance greater brand engagements with customers. Brands will have access to over 2,000 stores nationwide and a staggering 500,000 shoppers a day with in-store screen media which will help them, and their media agencies engage more effectively with Jisp and independent retail customers. Jisp Media will help brands deliver engaging, brand-led experiences that will help them build a direct relationship with their customers either solely through in-screen media or with Jisp’s Scan & Save.  Huge opportunity for brands to reach customers at scale and supported by insights to help them understand the who, why, what and when at 1000s of stores nationwide.

In addition, Jisp Media will raise money for GroceryAid through its collaboration with FMCG brand partners by donating money every time a customer interacts with Jisp’s Scan & Save service in-store.  

Ilann Hepworth, Managing Director of Jisp said, “We are delighted to be working with another true leader in the sector who shares our vision of empowering retailers and connecting brands with shoppers for mutual benefit maximising commerce and connecting communications.”

Paul Lansdale, Managing Director of Reposs said, “This is an incredibly exciting time for Reposs and for our retailers. We look forward to working with Jisp who share our aims and objectives to help the independent retailer grow their businesses now and into the future working collaboratively with brands in the channel’’  

Scan & Save continues to grow weekly with over 100 stores nationwide delivering over 184,00 scans of the shelf edge, 86,000 vouchers issued, 72,500 vouchers redeemed and saved shoppers £91,600. The top performing retailers delivering +£2,000 in weekly RSV incrementally.  

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