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October 18, 2022

Jisp Supports Convenience Channel With Jisp Media Insights

Jisp, the leading shopping and rewards app In the UK independent sector is enabling brands, wholesalers, and market operators in the channel with the launch of Jisp Media Insights.

Equipping all three with the ability to understand shoppers and retailers in the channel with leading insights, actions, and recommendations to support the channel today and moving into the future. Benefiting from the first-party data, Jisp Media Insights will support all three to understand shopper sentiments, attitudes, what they purchase, where they purchase, when they purchase and how they can grow sales, shoppers, distribution, and loyalty on-going.  

Month on month in September, Scan & Save has achieved +32% on the number of scans, + 33% vouchers issued, and +35% on redemptions. Transactions have increased 24% and Jisp is helping brands achieve industry-leading conversion rates between vouchers issued to the redemption of 89%.  

Scan & Save stores are benefiting from loyal shoppers accessing unrivalled brand discounts and being rewarded for doing so by using their mobile phones in-store. The average loyal shopper visits three times per week, purchasing four items and on average saves £3.12 per visit.  

Leading brands benefiting from working with Jisp and Jisp Media. Growing cases in, sales out and contributing to a positive ROI for partnering with Jisp.  

Greg Deacon, Chief Customer Officer, Jisp said: “We are now in a great position to help even more brands in the sector win in convenience. Shining a light on shoppers and helping brands produce winning strategies, providing measurable insights and recommendations in the channel from hundreds of shops and thousands of shoppers weekly. Leading measurable Insights on the who, what, where and when will ensure brand monies In Jisp Media are well utilised to ensure an ROI for the brand and benefits to shoppers and retailers. We continue to support leading brands achieving a positive ROI, giving innovative ways to attract, engage and sell to shoppers through our retail media and best of all, whilst supporting local independent stores and shoppers nationwide.”

To find out more about Jisp’s services, visit  

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