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May 15, 2023

Jisp’s King’s Coronation giveaway leads to record results

Jisp’s King’s Coronation giveaway saw record levels of engagement and social media growth in just three days.

Jisp, the award-winning retail technology solutions company, saw record levels of engagement and social media growth in just three days following the launch of its King’s Coronation prize giveaway.


To mark the Coronation on 6th May 2023, Jisp ran a competition over the three-day bank holiday weekend giving away 23 vouchers worth £65.00 to lucky winners.


In just three days Jisp saw its followers on Instagram rocket by more than 100% with impressions of its competition post hitting almost 70,000. The competition also achieved great reach hitting over 35,000 accounts.


With the competition now concluded, Jisp will now draw the 23 lucky winners, with the voucher intended to help shoppers treat themselves despite the current cost of living crisis.


The giveaway was an additional benefit, complimenting the huge savings already available to shoppers through Jisp’s Scan & Save app.


The app provides independent retailers with a unique loyalty and rewards platform to help them compete against the large supermarkets’ loyalty card programmes, while rewarding shoppers with augmented discounts and reward vouchers to be redeemed in their local stores.


“We wanted to do something to mark the coronation of King Charles III, and recognising the tough times our shoppers are operating in, also wanted to give something back to them,” said Jisp’s managing director, Ilann Hepworth.


“We couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only have we been able to reward 23 lucky winners with a £65 voucher to help them celebrate, we also massively exceeded all expectations on our social media campaign performance, extending Jisp’s reach and the potential for helping far more people cope with the cost-of-living crisis through theScan & save app.”


About Jisp

Jisp is an award-winning tech company based in Alton, Hampshire, that offers best-in-class mobile marketing, shopping, and payment solutions.


Jisp's AR solution, Scan & Save, reads product barcodes and presents exclusive promotions, which customer scan then save and redeem with their mobile phones. The technology allows brands to minimise carbon footprint and waste. It helps retailers grow sales in-store and, due to vouchers only being redeemable in the stores they were unlocked in, build loyalty.

For more details on everything Jisp has to offer, please visit our website:

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