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June 11, 2024

Perfect Pairings for Your Summer with Great Savings from Jisp

Summer is here, and it's time to enjoy the sunny days and warm evenings with delicious snacks and refreshing drinks.

• Classic Crunch: Enjoy the timeless taste of Crinklys Variety pack with 25p off with a chilled can of Budweiser Limited Edition Beer 4 x 300ml giving away a generous 50p off! The crispiness of the chips pairs perfectly with the light and refreshing drink.

• Cheesy Delight: Crinklys Cheese & Onion with a 25p offer complements the tangy notes of Tenzing Apple & Seaberry 330ml with a 30p discount, creating a harmonious balance of flavours.

• Berry Bliss: Enjoy Skittles Wild Berry Treat Bag granting a 20p discount with a fizzy can of Tenzing Blackberry & Acai 330ml offering a 30p saving. The combination of berry flavours will leave your taste buds dancing.

• Tropical Escape: Pair Skittles Tropical Treat Bag extending a 20p discount with Tenzing Pineapple & Passionfruit 330ml offering a 30p saving for a tropical getaway in every bite and sip.

• Sour Power: Skittles Crazy Sours Treat Bag and Skittles Giants Sour PMP Treat Bag both giving away 20p discount each are perfect with the tart and tangy Tenzing Raspberry & Yuzu 330ml extending a generous 30p off.

• Chocolate & Citrus: Indulge in the chocolatey goodness of Jaffa Jonuts (saving of 10p) with a refreshing can of Minus 196 Lemon with Shochu, Vodka, and Soda giving away a generous 60p off. The citrus notes complement the rich chocolate flavour.  

• Bitterly Sweet: The luxurious treat of Jaffa Jonuts biscuits with a 10p offer pairs excellently with Minus 196 Grapefruit with Shochu, Vodka, and Soda presenting a 60p discount. The grapefruit's bitterness balances the sweet, caramel layers of the slice.

• Crispy Bite: Enjoy a mix of Crinklys Cheese & Onion giving away a 25p discount with Budweiser Limited Edition Beer 4 x 300ml offering 50p off. The robust flavours of the snacks are enhanced by the crisp, clean finish of the beer.

Summer is the perfect time to explore new flavours and enjoy your favourite snacks and drinks in new ways. Whether you’re a fan of sweet, sour, or savoury, these pairings are sure to enhance your summer snacking experience. So, grab your favourite treats, crack open a refreshing drink, and savour the flavours of the season.

If you are new to this page and haven’t tried Jisp before then don’t worry! You can still grab these amazing deals by signing up here.  

Please note the above offers are valid from 29.05.2024 till 18.06.2024 only.  

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