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May 24, 2024

The ALL NEW and ULTIMATE Savings club for Wholesalers!

Are you a wholesaler looking to maximise earnings whilst purchasing directly from suppliers? Do you want to provide fantastic savings and rewards for your customers? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Confex Savings Club powered by Jisp is the brand-new and exclusive savings club designed specifically for wholesalers in partnership with Confex. This service is available for both delivered and Cash & Carry wholesalers, allowing you to enhance your operations and reap numerous benefits.


1. Built - in Loyalty Program

As customers keep purchasing from you overtime, they will earn cash rewards. Once they’ve earned £25 worth of rewards, they’ll be issued with a loyalty voucher which they can redeem with their designated wholesaler - meaning you!

2. Instant Cashback!

Every time a customer taps a voucher, the wholesaler receives 5p and this will go straight into your digital wallet which is paid back after 55 days.

3. More Offers & Sales

With the range of new and exclusive offers from top brands, wholesalers will get the best offers whilst increasing their sales!

4. Increase Footfall!

Since customers are receiving the best discounts and loyalty program, the footfall rate for wholesalers will eventually skyrocket for greater benefits!  

If you're a Confex member, this offer is for you! Register with us today. If you're not yet a Confex member, you can still join by contacting Confex. Don't miss out on saving money and boosting your sales—act now!

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